About us

As an authority on Internet Security, Fortiko offers managed information services that assure customers' business continuity, improved compliance, and protection from financial loss.

Located in Barcelona, Fortiko is a privately held company aimed at democratising the latest IT security technologies for small and medium companies while making the process as painless as possible to its customers.

Fortiko has developed business continuity services such as email security, online backup and data protection, effectively protecting clients from spam, viruses, and data loss, while minimising costs and risks in highly sensitive corporate areas.

In August 2006, an intensive test phase of our email protection service was started for business users. The product was officially launched in 2007. Today, a multitude of small and medium-sized businesses and organisations in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the USA use Fortiko to effectively protect themselves from unsolicited emails. Fortiko checks more than 1,500,000 emails per month.

Why use our services?

Let's face it... It's not always possible to have in-house expertise to deal with the various threats to your business- critical financial, legal, or commercial data. Having an external consultant a few days a month to take care of it ends up being very costly to your company.

Fortiko's solutions guarantee by design an all-around protection which prevents any data loss

Let our security experts take care of your critical information.
You focus on running your core business with real peace of mind!