Laptop gone?
Your data is safe.

We protect your confidential or private information from unauthorised access.

Comply with data protection and confidentiality legislation.

Encrypt your laptop and USB sticks so that only you can access the information stored on it.

Combined with our backup solution, you will not lose any data. Simply restore where you left off.

Virtual private networks ensure confidentiality when accessing company information on the road.

Data protection and confidentiality legislation requires physicians, accountants, lawyers and other professions to protect their client data. Our solution helps you to avoid the cost of losing confidential information and having to notify clients after a compromise.

Our software automatically encrypts your information with a key that is only available to you. After you unlock the data when you start the computer, you can work as usual. Your data is also protected whenever you are away from the keyboard.

You will have to determine your confidential information, a process we are happy to help you with. After that, you are only a couple of clicks away from protecting your confidential information.