Keep your data safe!

Imagine you lose financial, legal, or commercial data in 30 seconds: what happens to your business?

Consider the cost of:
• Continuing without the lost data
• Recreating the lost data
• Notifying users after a data compromise

Fortiko offers all-around protection which prevents any data loss.

How do you create copies of business-relevant information such as accounting, bills and contracts? Our solution automatically backs up your data while you keep working: no need to remember to make copies, you already have them.

What happens if you lose your laptop or a USB stick, or somebody breaks into your office and steals your computer? Our solutions protect your data from unauthorised access, eliminating the risk of losing confidential information.

Remember the days before spam, when email used to be a productive medium? Now, every employee loses 5 working days per year due to spam and viruses. We help you to recover the productivity, and make email fun again.