Looking for the best solution to protect your confidential or private information?

Just ask yourself...

What would happen if you lost a laptop or USB stick with confidential information on it?

Are you complying with legal obligations that may require your business (e.g. physicians, accountants, lawyers) to encrypt all confidential data?

Will clients still trust your company after you have notified them about a compromise?

Fortiko's data protection services are the answer: your information is automatically encrypted and protected from unauthorised access. If your computer is stolen or lost, your files are safe and cannot be read by anybody. Every time you are on the road, our protection services guarantee that all communication between you and your home office is protected, and no eavesdropping can happen. In addition, we offer services to limit the access to web sites that you approve.

Fortiko Data Protection provides you with:
· Always-on military-grade encryption
· Possibility to track your lost assets such as laptops
· Secure remote access to the home office when travelling
· Managing employee access from your network to web sites
· Password Managers to securely store your passwords
· All-around protection that prevents any type of data leakage

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Did you know?

Unencrypted data storage means that valuable confidential or private information can fall in sight of unwanted prying eyes.

Over 600,000 laptop thefts or losses occur annually in the U.S. alone, resulting in an estimated €5 billion loss of proprietary information, according to Symantec. Over 90 percent of these laptops are never recovered.

Approximately 60 percent of PDAs, smartphones and laptops contain unprotected sensitive or confidential information.