Looking for the best solution to eliminate spam and viruses without losing emails?

Just ask yourself...

Is sorting legitimate emails from spam and worrying about viruses really a good use of your time?

How much does it cost your company when a virus or a worm spreads on your network, or when your mail server is unavailable?

Are you aware that viruses and malware propagate themselves through emails? They delete the user data, abuse your credit card information or compromise your passwords.

Fortiko’s email security services are the answer: without any change to your existing installation, you can protect yourself against spam and data loss caused by viruses, and at the same time eliminate any risk of losing legitimate emails through our archiving solution.

Fortiko Email Security provides you with:
· Highly efficient spam and phishing detection
· Protection against viruses and other attacks
· Backup and disaster recovery services
· Full redundancy for your email infrastructure

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Did you know?

Our data indicates that Spam represents 75% or more of the incoming email traffic for most organizations.

Keystroke-logging, often used to steal information such as online bank account credentials, accounts for 76 percent of all online threats, according to Symantec's Internet Security Threat report.

A report from Ferris Research estimated the spam-related cost in information technology resources to US businesses to $10 billion in 2009.

According to a report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the average monthly growth rate in phishing sites in the second half of 2010 was 24% and the average time online for a site was 5.9 days.